Ultimate guide to surviving Valentine’s Day… for men

Cruising the internet lately, catching up on my favourite bloggers, has got me noticing Valentine’s Day posts starting to make their way once again onto our screens.

I always enjoy reading everyones take on this ‘big’ day. I like to view it as basic politics. You’re either left or right wing, cheesey or cynical. But what I particularly enjoy most when reading V-Day posts… are the ones written by men.

Don’t confuse me for being sexist, but let’s call a spade a spade; it’s a day most women live for, and most men fear.

Goldman Sach, otherwise known as GS Elevator, released an ‘unofficial guide to surviving Valentine’s Day’ – and I think (hope) it may be satirical… but nether the less it’s extremely well worded and quite an interesting take on spoiling your woman on this over-celebrated most ‘romanticised’ event of the year.

Check it out here, it’s a well worth read and the wittiest V-Day post I’ve come across. Mothers lock up your daughters, they’re about to be swept away.

And for the Jimmy Kimmel fans, another classic YouTube challenge Valentines special.


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