A drink for every occasion

According to my friend James, there is an appropriate liquor of choice for almost every occasion. But besides the standard alcohol and calorie content listed on the label, how are we to decide what drink to choose for the right situation?

Whether you’re heading out for a round of sophisticated after-work drinks on a Friday night, taking your best friend out to the sleaziest club after her ugly breakup, or staying in to watch Bridget Jones Diary, there is a drink specifically designed for your event.

James, quite the comedian, has constructed the perfect guide to sort you out – when you’re just not sure exactly what to order. I think he should be hired to write these witty ‘scenarios’ for alcohol companies, so they can be printed on the packaging, to help rescue the less educated drinkers scratching their heads at the bar (like me).

I’ve also included the recipes (provided by Drinks Mixer) in a link under each description, hope you enjoy!


long island iced tea

Long Island Iced Tea

It’s 11pm. It’s your friends birthday and you’ve gone to the bar to buy them a drink. You feel they aren’t enjoying themselves enough just yet, and need something that’ll make them let their hair down. Problem is, they won’t drink it unless you do as well. So you buy two!

Click here for a refreshing Long Island Iced Tea recipe.


espresso martini

Espresso Martini

You want someone to know you’re a classy bitch, and that the drink you just bought someone was expensive as hell, so they better sip it and appreciate you can no longer pay your rent.

Click here for the recipe to create the perfect Espresso Martini.


vodka sunrise

Vodka Sunrise

The only reason you’re drinking a vodka sunrise is because you’re out with an 18 year old and it’s their shout. They clearly don’t know what’s up. Or you’re just on a mission to get white girl wasted.

Click here for a simple Vodka Sunrise recipe.


abc shot

ABC Shot

You’re clearly doing mystery rounds, in which you buy several completely different drinks and hand them out to the people in your round, at which point they have to guess what you’ve just given them. This one would be tough to guess, unless they’re a seasoned shot drinker.

Click here to make the perfect ABC Shot.


sex on the beach

Sex On The Beach Cocktail

You’ve given your ‘friend’ some money to go buy you and her a drink. She has seen the daily cocktail specials and this was one of them. She has clearly:

a) Been upset because you didn’t give her enough money for a better drink.

b) Bought something that you might pick up on the subtle hints she’s making via the innuendo.

c) Got something sweet to mask the vodka/ can get white girl after a few.

Click here to find out how to create the original Sex On The Beach cocktail.


Hilarious and helpful, right?


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