First internship done and dusted…

I just wrapped up my first internship for the year, two more to go!

Working for the Sunshine Coast Daily, and gaining my first professional experience in the media industry, was actually amazing.

The editorial team at the Daily were unbelievably supportive, and I have learnt so much. I really believe my writing style has matured and developed greatly – I know I have my mentors to thank for that!

My last day was incredible, I really went out on a bang, writing two completely original profile stories on two successful Sunshine Coast individuals… stay tuned for more on that.

16 articles later and I now have an impressive portfolio to show my future employers. One of my personal favourites that was published in the Daily (and online – click here) is my story outlining the truth surrounding online security and identity theft. This piece is special to me, as it was actually originally a university assessment piece, and I offered it to the team to be published, so it is my own original work and idea!

Please take the time to read it, and hopefully you will see more articles published in the Daily by me in time to come…

Next stop – Sydney for my internship with FAMOUS Magazine. But first, some well deserved beach time!


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