The Game of Loans

Just as the final episode of my latest obsession, Game of Thrones, suddenly came to end, an equally (if not more) dramatic, tense, and destructive phase in my life also ceased to exist… ‘The Game of Loans’ reign is over.

It’s actually insane how everything can change in the matter of hours.

I woke up Friday morning last week with no job prospects, feeling rather anxious with a bleak attitude towards life. By Friday afternoon I had a promotional job booked for Saturday, my first tutoring client scheduled in for regular appointments, and received confirmation that I would return to my old payroll position in QLD Health the following Monday!

My world literally changed in one day, thus putting a sword through this disparaging segment in my life. As grateful as I am that my unemployed phase is over, I am grieving the absence of my new favourite series. For those of you who are also in mutual mourning, here is a hilarious parody song by b105 radio host Stav, tributing GOT fans who sometimes struggle remembering every characters name (guilty).


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