The Wandering Wombat’s wardrobe sale

So I’ve made it fairly clear that I’m still looking for work, and without an income it is basically impossible to survive in Australia. I’ve been thinking of ideas to make money (all legal), and have registered as an English, Writing, and Literature tutor with TutorFinder and Tutor Drum just locally in my area! I’m excited to share my passion and interest for the written language and books with other students, but after registering, waiting impatiently for 5 minutes staring at my phone, I figured I need one of those ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

One thing I am renowned for is my wardrobe. I have more than enough clothes, and hardly wear most of my items that are just hanging there. So this weekend past, my friend and I decided to set up a stall and sell all our clothes we no longer wear. I didn’t just limit myself to clothing items; I was clearing out bags, jewellery, and shoes, and managed to sell more than half of my things!

The day itself was crazy. We arrived at the Fishermans Road Markets at 4.30am, in pitch black, to unload my friends ute and set up the stall… in the dark! Once everything was set up, early market-goers started to walk around with their torches, looking for a steal. It was slow starting, but at around 10am it was considered ‘prime time’ for the stalls, so we started creating deals such as everything $7 or two items for $10.

Market Stall 2

It’s a weird feeling, selling your own clothing. It’s not like working in a retail store where you are selling a product, you are selling pieces that you chose, that at a point in your life you loved and probably wore for a week straight. Memories and events happened in those items, it’s a very personal experience!

By the end of the day, at 12pm, we had a massive sign ‘EVERYTHING $1’. This is when most of our items cleared out, and the stall was packed with bargain hunters walking out with as much as they could carry.

In the end, my friend and I managed to make roughly $250 each, which will help with my bills, or contribute to creating a new wardrobe! There is still plenty of items I would like to sell, so I might make an Instagram account, which you can view via my personal page @ashelizadavis.


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