Coping with P.A.D – Post-America Depression

Although my body has well adjusted to Australian time zones, the food, and laid back lifestyle, my mind is trying to convince me I am still living in America. It may be due to the wanting for a routine again, as I am currently in-between semesters and have no work to distract myself with, but when you’re calling people ratchet, using phrases such as ‘I’m done’, or reaching for the phone to order wings delivered at 2am, you know that there is something else going on other than ‘the struggle’. I call this syndrome Post-America Depression, and yes, the struggle is real!

Here are some methods I created to help shrug off this self-diagnosed P.A.D, and if you’ve recently travelled to The States and find yourself in the same mindset… this may apply to you!

  1. Just get back to your roots. Do something really culturally stereotypical to help yourself ease back into your nationality. For me, I’m planning a trip to Australia Zoo to hug a bunch of koalas and kangaroos. Then I might eat a jar of Vegemite.
  2. Let go of the phrases and jargon you may have adopted while living in America. ‘Can’t even’, ‘I’m done’, ‘So dead’, aren’t even actual sentences, so let it go… let it gooo!
  3. Give yourself a really bad haircut. You will be so distracted by your appearance that you won’t have time to pine and reminisce on all your life-changing memories created in The States.

The truth is it’s hard to come back and face reality after living so long in a completely different part of the world. You become so comfortable in that new routine, and to be suddenly stripped of the new life you created and learnt to love can be very unsettling. Please don’t shave your heads or do anything drastic, but doing something as simple as writing, sharing photos, or blogging about your experiences and memories may help you work through your P.A.D. I also recommend visiting some of the beautiful attractions your local hometown has to offer. For me, Point Cartwright look out is one of my favourites!

IMG_2223 Point Cartwright Beach, Sunshine Coast


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