Costa del Sol

It’s been over a week since saying goodbye to my second home; SUNY Fredonia, New York!

I’m trying to adjust back to living on the coast, and I’m only now noticing the subtle differences between American and Australian lifestyles. I’ve been out to dinner a few times this week, and something so small as no free soft drink refills really had me missing Fredonia! Although we don’t have to tip our waiters in Australia or work out complex mathematical equations when filling out the cheque, we are still paying almost double the price for our meals.

The general cost of living is certainly a lot higher in Australia, and will take time to adjust, especially as I’m currently out of a job. I also never thought I would say this after eating 30 chocolate bars… but I miss American candy!

However after spending a weekend in the sun and on jet skis in glorious ‘Fall’ weather, living within walking distance to the beach, makes it hard to stress or worry about anything!


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


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