A word from The Wandering Wombat

As our final piece of assessment for this blog, we were asked to upload a self evaluation interview, as a reflection of our blogs. Creating and writing in The Wandering Wombat has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my study abroad experiences, I had never thought to start a blog, or think that anyone would actually read it. To now have over 6,200 views and over 100 followers who subscribe to listen to me is incredible, and has certainly inspired me to continue writing.

Thank you for reading and supporting my journey…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me on my study abroad adventure.

To my best friend Maria – you have been my first friend since day one. I will miss seeing you every day, your funny mannerisms, beautiful accent, and cute jokes, you are an amazing person to be around, and I have enjoyed your friendship immensely! Your passion for travel is inspiring, and I really hope Australia is next on your list (after China!).

To dearest Vasil – you have also been there for me since my first day. I couldn’t imagine this journey without you. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, helping me with transport issues, listening to my dramas or when I’m stressed, and just for making sure I was always looked after and having fun. You have the kindest soul, and I hope we can remain international friends for a long time! You are always welcome in Australia, I will miss you and your amazing taste in music and fashion terribly!

My Hendrix Hall staff and residents – Eric, Dan, Jake, Nat, Ali, Jakeera, and Brittany! Thank you all so much for helping me settle in, and for really making me feel at home. You are all a hilarious bunch of people, and I will miss your company and friendship. I’ll even miss you mocking my accent (airport, maroon, chocolate) and the look on Jake’s face trying Vegemite after I told him it was pudding… priceless memories! Thank you for everything.

My teachers – Elmer, Vincent, Bond, and Mark, and classmates – Alexis, Jillian, Sylvana, Maggy, Courtney, Melissa, Courtnee, Eileen, and Garrett, thank you for creating a welcoming and supportive environment in every lesson. I have actually achieved my highest grades while studying abroad at SUNY Fredonia, and having such great positive people around me has a lot to do with it! A special thank you to Vincent, my Electronic Media Writing professor, who has confirmed my goals and ambitions for a career in electronic media writing.

International students (particularly the Brazilians) and SUNY Fredonia’s Global student ambassadors – thank you for always being there, for your support and your friendship, and for making the transition to a new country a lot easier than I imagined! Best of luck to the Brazilian students next semester at SUNY Fredonia, you are beautiful friends, and I am so glad to have met you!

To Fredonia’s weather – thank you for challenging me in every way possible in the first 3 and half months of this adventure! I have never felt cold like you before, and as I now return to Australia, where winter is approaching, I will have nothing to complain about! I will never forget you, my first night of trying to go to sleep in negative 20 Celsius weather without pyjamas or proper bedding…. good times!

Thank you to my family and friends back home, for believing in me and supporting this life-long dream. I now believe I can accomplish anything and everything, and my goals have been set a lot higher after this experience! A special thank you to my best friend Britt, who travelled around the world to see me and visit New York City. That is true friendship.

This has really been a life changing experience, I don’t know how else to describe it. I am now entering my senior year, and look forward to graduating and returning back to America, which I will now refer to as my second home.

Thank you for having me SUNY Fredonia – it’s been unreal!

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