The 5 greatest misconceptions of Australia… Are they true?

Below is a reblog of my attempt at satirical writing, featured this week in The Follower! Dan Hahn, my RA at Hendrix Hall, is a very talented writer and the creator of the humorous blog The Follower, which is a comedic play on SUNY Fredonia’s The Leader. The blog consists of SUNY Fredonia satire, and his writing style reminds me of The Colbert Report, as beneath the humour he cleverly suggests at issues we should be discussing on campus.

Dan also has a series of YouTube videos, before The Follower was brought to print. I have added a few of my favourites which are set in Hendrix Hall and SUNY Fredonia, staring Dan, and fellow RA’s Jake and Ali!

Check out more of Dan’s ridiculous YouTube videos set in SUNY Fredonia, as well as my blog post below on The Follower.

The Follower

By Ash Davis

ImageSince arriving at SUNY Fredonia, NY, I’ve had a lot of questions thrown at me regarding Australian culture and certain stereotypes. I thought I would take the chance to clear up the leading 5 misconceptions surrounding Australia… are they true or not?

1. Australia is the most dangerous place on earth courtesy of its “killer wildlife” and “drop bears”.

This is a hundred percent correct. I am terrified to return to Australia, not just due to adjusting back to ridiculous time zone differences, but I generally fear for my safety inside and out of my home. My morning routines such as collecting the mail or taking out the rubbish that appear as simple tasks in America, are a constant struggle in Australia full of life threatening obstacles. I am faced daily with swooping magpies, wrestling my way through a pit of writhing crocodiles, and trying to pry…

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