That’s so rach!

‘That’s so fetch’ is a universal phrase used among teenagers in high school and college, coined from The Plastics in Mean Girls. In the past four months of living with American college students, I have learnt that ‘so fetch’ does not exist outside of directly quoting Mean Girls, but there are many more hilarious actual phrases students use everyday, and I’ve adopted a few myself!

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Ali Joelle, 21 year old Communication Disorders & Sciences and Spanish Major, and Brittany Georgaias, 20 year old Animation and Media Management Major, came to me asking to be featured in my blog this week. Ali is an RA in Hendrix Hall, and Britt is always by her side! Ali reminds me of a cartoon Disney princess, with her soft, sweet voice and mannerisms, and big blue eyes! Britt is always making me laugh, and is renowned for her entertaining discourse and one-liners around the hall, and I love our mutual respect for Bombs Away. I thought this was a great opportunity to talk to the dynamic duo and get an understanding on American college lingo before I depart.


Brittany has stolen the word ‘rachet’ from Urban Dictionary and claimed it as her own, and basically cannot complete a sentence without dropping the ‘R’ word. Whenever I pass her in the hall, I’m always greeted with a friendly smile and ‘hey Rach’, which immediately makes me burst out laughter. But then I’m left confused, isn’t ‘rachet’ an offensive term, which I can only politely describe as meaning ‘unappealing diva’? Ali corrected me, and said it can be used in it’s intended purposes as an insult, or also as a term of endearment.
The closest Australian meaning I can think to compare this to, would be ‘bogan’. Although now that I think about it, I wouldn’t use that word in any means of ‘endearment’ towards friends!

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Can’t even

American reference: I’m done, stop, or dead. Basically it means you are unable to ‘deal’ with the current situation or conversation, due to it’s extreme awesomeness or the polar opposite.

Australian comparison: Are you kidding me? Seriously?

Sucks to suck

American reference: When someone is experiencing great misfortune, this term could be used to ridicule them.

Australian comparison: Sucks to be you, suck s**t.


I see this phrase all over Instagram, hash tagged on Twitter, and someone called out ‘love you bae’ to her departing friend in Starbucks, and I was like ‘what the what!’ Ali told me this stands for ‘Before Anyone Else’, which is common among college girls.

Australian comparison: BFF

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This is definitely one of my favourite terms I’m going to bring home with me! It basically means to have drinks at someones house or dorm room before going out to clubs or bars.

Australian comparison: Pre-drinks. The more I think about it, the more pre-game just sounds so much cooler and logical. Will have to show Australian’s a few red cup games as well!

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Turn up/ Turn down for what

I asked Brittany and Ali about ‘turn it up’, which means to drink and get drunk, but they were unable to describe ‘turn down for what’, other than ‘why stop partying’. We had to converse with Urban Dictionary on this one!

American reference (Urban Dictionary): A rhetorical question. “Turn up” is the act of getting drunk and high and being reckless so “turn down” would mean sobering up. Turn down for what is really saying I am f**ked up and will continue to be all night no matter what. The only appropriate answer to this question would be “nothing”.

Australian comparison: None, I’m speechless and impressed, and will adopt this saying and raise it like my own.

The struggle 

This reference is used every hour of the day in college, and has become one of my favourite terms! It is used a few different ways, Brittany likes to call it ‘the struggle bus’, but my favourite saying is ‘the struggle is real’. I use this daily to describe caffeine cravings, procrastinating on large assignments, and being a generally poor college student.

Australian comparison: Struggle street

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Thank you for teaching me these phrases girls, can’t wait to use them back home and leave everyone just as confused as I was!


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