I’ve been printed!

SUNY Fredonia’s school newspaper The Leader published an article I wrote, detailing the differences between American and Australian education, and the major differences in college life.

The Leader article

You can read it in their final issue (No. 27) for the semester! Click here to view my article, and more on The Leader. The Editor in Chief of The Leader, Sylvana Dussan (who is now a graduating senior!) has her own blog Memories of Fredonia, you should definitely check it out!


3 thoughts on “I’ve been printed!

  1. Thank you for this piece, I really enjoyed your reelection on e two systems. I’m studying for the semester in South Africa and wish I could know what a South African would think of the American university. On a personal note, I went to 11 schools in four states during my grades 1-12. As you know in the US the school system is governed at the state level and to some degree at the county level. So, I had all of those varied standards throughout my foundational education. Your experience sounds ideal.

    • Thank you for reading and enjoying it 🙂

      Wow 11 schools!! That is crazy, I couldn’t even imagine! I hope you are enjoying South Africa, study abroad experiences are amazing – I don’t want mine to end!

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