Fred Fest and dinosaurs

The weekend just passed was the legendary SUNY Fredonia ‘Fred Fest’, which basically entails a lot of on and off campus college partying. It’s the last weekend before ‘dead week’ and final exams, and of course for many students… graduation. It’s not all red solo cups and drinking games, the college supplied a great variety of entertainment and other alcohol-free options, including movie nights, late night breakfasts, live bands, giant inflatable slides and obstacle arenas, and an all-school BBQ (which appealed greatly to the Aussie within) hosted by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

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This was probably my favourite part of the weekend, devouring a delicious pulled-pork sandwich, or ‘sammy’ as my friend calls it! Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a small franchise diner in New York State, with the most amazing array of food, which was definitely worth lining up for an hour in the glorious Fredonia rain and wind!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Fred Fest was an interesting experience to say the least; the best way to illustrate the weekend would be to think of every house party scene in any Hollywood movie (think Project X), but on a town scale! With such a sudden unleashing of students literally ‘gone wild’, too soon followed the sudden downfall. The entire school has now entered hangover mode for dead week, and seniors are preparing for graduation.


I can’t believe this study abroad adventure is finally coming to an end! I’m going to miss SUNY Fredonia and all the life-long friends I have made more than I can begin to describe! Still plenty more blog posts to come before this journey ends…


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