Candy Bar Countdown – Part 3

On Wednesday 30th April it was the 10 year anniversary for an American classic… Mean Girls. I decided this was the perfect occasion to finish the final chapter of the All American Candy Bar Challenge. There was nothing more enjoyable than sitting in the Hendrix Hall common room, watching Mean Girls, wearing a pink robe, and munching on some chocolate with friends. With the help of my RD Eric, RA Nat, and residents Kelly and Brittany, we were able to decide on a winning chocolate bar!

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1. Take 5 vs Reese’s Crispy Crunchy 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe Take 5 bar and Reese’s Crispy Crunchy were quite similar in texture, with the peanut butter flavouring and crunchy texture. The Take 5 tasted like a pretzel covered in peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate, which Brittany described as ‘a party in my mouth’. Brittany also enjoyed the Reese’s Crispy Crunchy, which was like eating a peanut butter flavoured Kit Kat but with a crunchy peanut top coat. They were both enjoyable to eat, but didn’t really stand out compared to others I have previously tried.

2. York vs Almond Joy 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe Almond Joy reminded me of a Bounty chocolate bar, but with almonds. It was crunchy, coconut flavoured, but was something that you couldn’t eat all the time. Nat didn’t enjoy it, she thought the coconut flavour was too overwhelming, and I’d have to agree with her. The York chocolate on the other hand was, as Brittany would say, ‘a party in my mouth!’ It had the perfect smooth texture, combination of dark chocolate with creamy mint filling, and enough texture to take the edge off the sweetness. It reminded me exactly of an Arnotts Mint Slice without the biscuit crunch! York is one of Eric’s favourites, but it was too delicious to share, sorry Eric!

3. Cadbury Caramello vs 100 Grand vs Milky Way 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset The Cadbury Caramello and Milky Way bar I’m familiar with back home, and they basically tasted exactly the same. The Cadbury chocolate tasted a bit more dry, not as rich, but it was still enjoyable. I had never tried 100 Grand before, and it was pretty similar to a Crunch bar but in a different shape! It was really hard to split these three bars apart, as although they are all so different, they were equally amazing and hard to put down!

4. Charleston Chew vs Heath 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset These two bars I have never heard of,  and was very curious to try. Eric snapped up the Heath bar before I got the chance, and told me it was basically just toffee covered in milk chocolate. The Charleston Chew lived up to its name, it was very chewy, and was made of a hard, marshmallow centre covered in chocolate. Eric really liked the Charleston Chew as well, but Kelly, Brittany, and Nat weren’t fans!

So after another extravagant chocolate taste testing experience, I think you can guess what my favourite American candy bar was; the York! Devouring the York chocolate took my back to sitting on the couch with my dad, fighting over the last Arnotts Mint Slice, watching movies. Aside from the wave of nostalgia, the York really was the most unique and best tasting chocolate, and was light enough to enjoy more than one, two, or even three at a time! You go Glen Coco!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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