Traveling has been made a lot easier and stress-free thanks to smart phones, and in particular travel apps. Since arriving in America I have relied constantly on my iPhone for certain apps, that I normally wouldn’t think to use back home in Australia.

1I’ve decided to share with you my top 3 most recommended apps for you to download before you embark on your own study abroad travel adventure!

1. Viber 


Viber is an amazing communications app, that provides functions such as texting, phone calls, and sharing photos without using any of your phones data. It relies only on connection to WiFi or 3G, and is compatible with basically all smart phones. It’s also free to download and use! As I do not have an international sim (which I also recommend you get, to make your experience a bit easier) I use Viber to talk to my friends and family at home, as well as students and friends in America who use the app!

2. GlobeConvert


If you are traveling to another country, and have an iPhone or iPad, I highly recommend using this travel app! It will literally convert anything for you, such as currency, length, speed, temperature, and weight to name a few. I use this app every day, to check the weather (America uses Fahrenheit), to convert Australian dollars to US dollars, and when I was at the gym I needed to convert pounds to kilograms so I didn’t injure myself! I believe it is a standard app which is provided with any Apple product, and it has been so helpful with my travel experiences in America.

3. Instagram 


Instagram is not specifically in the travel app genre, however it is an excellent social media platform to share your travel photos, and connect with friends and family back home, as well as new friends along the way. Instagram is my most favourite social media app, it is free to download and use, and can be very addictive! Not only are you sharing your own travel photos, but you’re also able to see what everyone else is up to back home or around the world! I think it is a great tool to document your travel journey, you can check mine out at @ashelizadavis.


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