Nat’s New Zealand Adventure

My RA Natalie Buck is one of my favourite people on campus! Just 19 years old, pocket sized, with the most stunning ice-blue eyes I have ever seen. Her smile is literally perfect, with a chiselled dimple in her left cheek. She is so knowledgeable and sweet; I always look to Nat first for all my questions. Although she is technically a Sophomore this year, credit wise she is technically a Senior! Nat is always making me laugh with her adorable American phrases, such as ‘seriously though’ and ‘no really’.

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But there’s more to Nat than her sweet charm and petite size, she is a Sophomore student studying a Major in ‘Child inclusive education’ with a ‘Middle school math extension’ and a Leadership Minor. This girl has ambitions sky high, including a study abroad adventure to New Zealand!

This January Nat is going to New Zealand for a 15-day study abroad program through SUNY Brockport, and will be visiting all the big cities on offer such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.

Nat: It’s around $5,000 American dollars, and includes your airfares, meals and accommodation, and then you have to pay for some meals and your passport.

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Nat: They also give you an opportunity to do a lot of touristy things as well. Actually I don’t think there are any classes at all, it’s just for fun, and the program is called ‘New Zealand international study of culture and leisure’. The program counts as 3 credits, so you need to keep a journal while you’re travelling.

The trip from Buffalo to New Zealand is not to different from my journey from Brisbane to Buffalo, so I asked her if she was prepared for the long flight.

Nat: My longest flight so far has been to Paris, so around 14 hours. I haven’t looked too much at the details but it’s probably a longer flight (to New Zealand).

I asked Nat if she was able to visit Australia while she was in that part of the world, seeing as the countries are only a 3-hour flight apart.

Nat: I don’t think I can, because they have so much planned for us each day. But I definitely want to go there one day, when I have the time… and money!


I’m always curious to know what motivates students to want to study abroad, apart from the obvious thrill of travel.

Nat: I’ve always wanted to study abroad, because I think it’s important to expand your knowledge about other places in the world. You can’t just be one tracked mind in America over here. Even though America is pretty culturally diverse, it’s not the same, you have to experience it and go out there and travel. I like travelling and new experiences; I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I would also like to go to Ireland, or Germany!

It’s great to meet people with the same attitudes towards experiencing the world as me! I can’t wait to see amazing things from Nat, and to come back and visit her here in Western New York soon.


One thought on “Nat’s New Zealand Adventure

  1. I hope Nat has an amazing time in NZ! I’m originally from there and haven’t been back in years, this post definitely made me a little jealous/homesick for Wellington! Enjoy your travels

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