Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish everyone in Australia a Happy Easter today, stay safe, and enjoy lots of Cadbury chocolate bunnies! I’m not too sure how I’ll be celebrating my Easter this year. I’ve bought myself two Lindt chocolate bunnies which are staring at me from my desk, I’ve considered hiding them somewhere in my room for a solo chocolate bunny hunt, and knowing my short term memory I would actually forget where they are!

In the spirit of Easter I visited a pet store in Buffalo to have a look at some bunnies. Rabbits are illegal as pets in Queensland, and you are required to have a specific license to own them, which makes it very uncommon to see them around. This bunny was so adorable, it took all my willpower to walk away!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetEveryone has deserted the college this weekend to go home to celebrate the holiday. Before everyone left, I wished my friends ‘safe travels’, and when they look confused and responded ‘we’re just driving home’, I had to explain that over the Easter break Australia is notorious for drink drivers and road accidents. I’m glad to see the culture is different here!

Between assignments, study, and recovering from a cold, those two Lindt bunnies will most likely be the highlight of my weekend!

Happy Easter everyone xx

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. OH MY GOSH, SEEING THIS HAS MADE ME REALISE HOW MUCH I WANT A BUNNY. Not very logical since I’m going overseas but hey, it would be allowed in my handbag, right? ;] I had a pet bunny for the better part of five years and he was the best thing ever! The American culture is definitely different to that of over here! People from Aussie/NZ are crayzaaaaay on the road during this time! Hope you feel better and have a good Easter weekend! :]

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