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My university in Australia, University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), contacted me to write a short paragraph about my experiences so far studying abroad at SUNY Fredonia. You can read my response and learn more about USC’s Go Program in the link at the bottom of this post!

I encourage anyone from USC, SUNY Fredonia, or anywhere in the world, to try the life changing experience of studying abroad. To my American friends, studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast has so much to offer on and off campus. The lifestyle surrounding the university is so relaxed, you can take a short 10 minute drive to Mooloolaba beach during classes, or sit in the warm sunshine on the grass with your lunch and books with kangaroos literally beside you. It’s amazing to stop and reflect on the differences I’ve noticed in student lifestyles between USC and SUNY Fredonia, I think these pictures speak for themselves!

IMG_7687Building a snowman on campus at SUNY Fredonia

10153377_10200976759140240_358496834_nEnjoying the sun at Mooloolaba beach, Sunshine Coast

USC International & Study Overseas

My experience so far studying abroad through the GO Program has been indescribable, but I will try to paint a picture. After a 36-hour journey, I arrived at Buffalo international airport around 9pm, my fatigue slowly turning back into a bubbling excitement. I had finally made my dreams come true, I was now in America! I waited in line to collect my bags, and waited, and waited, and then I realised I was the last one standing around the luggage collection. My bags had not been put on the plane from my previous connecting flight. This is a perfect example of the student travel experience; something is nearly always bound to go wrong or will be out of your control. But I am grateful for incidents like this, travelling across the world alone has given me so much more experience, interesting stories to tell friends, and has made me a…

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