Home for the holidays

I’m still recovering from a 36-hour flight and 15-hour time zone jetlag, after touching down in Buffalo at 12am Monday morning, and am now safely back at SUNY Fredonia and trying to get back into ‘routine’.  One of my professors helped greatly with settling me back into college normality by setting a midterm this past Tuesday… can’t wait to see what my results will be on that one!

I’m not the only one appearing to be suffering; a lot of fellow college students look hung over and comatose after their week of Spring Break. One of my teachers joked that back in his day students had to be released on parole or ‘bailed out’ to return to college after Spring Break, for me this wasn’t really the case.

As you know I went home for my holidays, which might seem like a weird concept and choice of Spring Break destination. However when you consider that most students either go home to visit family close by, or decide to travel somewhere with tropical and ‘summer’ scenery such as Florida, California or Cancun, I simply combined these two ideas of ‘going home’ and ‘tropical location’ which resulted in returning to Australia!

Students scoffed at the idea of a 72-hour round trip for just 9 days, but it was worth every second!  And flying is half the fun! The waiting around in airports is not so fun, however I got to visit a few new airports I hadn’t seen before, such as Cleveland and Chicago. It was also nice to catch up with my favourite airport LAX, although most of my time was spent in customs and security screening, then madly running through terminals to my next flight!


The stretch between LAX to Sydney was 14 hours. On my way to Sydney I was fortunate enough to be located close to a bathroom and sitting between two kind and quiet people who just wanted to rest, however on my back to America it was a different story. I was seated in the window seat, which is usually exciting however on this flight all I had in mind was using the wall as a vertical pillow, and next to me was a quiet, polite college student, and then on the aisle a plane passenger sent from Satan! I have never met or listened to a more impolite woman, and her rudeness was only exaggerated due to the confined space around us. Surely there is some sort of ‘plane etiquette’ where you put aside your outlandish personality for the sake of other passengers. First off, as people around her were trying to put their luggage in overheads she was standing in the aisle refusing to take her seat in the row next to ours, as she could not see the TV, so her husband switched with her. Next, she requested a coffee as the plane was preparing to take off! In the middle of the flight a passenger was next to her trying to get his back out of the overhead, and in the midst of turbulence stumbled and his bag slipped, catching it midair. Well that was the start of World War III. The lady screamed at the man for almost ‘dropping it on her head’, yelling at him for not putting his luggage over his own row of seats, cursing at him to ‘go to hell’ and how he was inconveniencing everyone else on the plane. Biting my tongue, while desperately needing to use the bathroom but too scared to ‘inconvenience everyone’, I put my earphones in and tried to go to sleep, while thinking of how to petition this woman off the island and onto the ‘do not fly with’ list.

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Harrowing plane experiences aside, my time spent on the Sunshine Coast was so relaxing, and the perfect way to spend my break. One of the main reasons I decided to visit home was to see my boyfriend, Matt. Two months is a long time to be away from the one you love, so to be reunited again was amazing! I had 36 hours to prepare myself on how we would greet each other at the airport, would I leap into his arms that were already full of roses and holding a giant bear, or would I cry while Celine Dion played faintly in the background. In reality, I was shaking and almost fainted from fatigue, but it was a fairly non-dramatic and normal welcome home hug and kiss.

The weather was perfect for the most part, and I spent my days by the pool, tanning, catching up with friends and shopping along Mooloolaba Esplanade. It really is a hard life in Australia…

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset



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