My friend the Russian traveller

In my first week of orientation at SUNY Fredonia, NY, I was introduced to students and different cultures from all over the globe, including countries like Korea, China, Brazil, and Russia. On my first day I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to Maria Ilnitskaia, a 20-year-old traveller from Vladivostok, Russia. I’m so glad I chose to sit next to her during our first week, we’ve been friends and hanging out together since!

Maria is currently studying Business Administration at SUNY Fredonia, but unlike myself, this is not her first time visiting America. Maria has travelled across the United States three times now, her first two visits were spent working and exploring in places like Ocean City, New Jersey. Now she is able to stay in one place and experience the college life America has to offer.

I’m very jealous of where Maria is planning to spend her Spring Break! Watch the video below to find out more.

To learn more about Maria’s USA and college adventures, follow her on Instagram @mariailnitskaya.


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