New York, New York

As you may be aware, last weekend I was in New York City with my best friend Britt from Australia. For me, it was the experience of a lifetime. I had only dreamed about visiting the Big Apple, ever since I can remember, but things didn’t go as smoothly as I’d imagined.

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Travel Tip 1 // Always double check your flights before you book them!

We had a flight booked to depart at 6am, which meant leaving Fredonia at 4am to arrive at check-in on time. My returning flight had been booked incorrectly, so I was hoping Delta Airways would be able to help me resolve this issue upon arrival. However, the girl who served me was extremely rude, unhelpful, and actually lied to me stating her manager was ‘sick’. As I didn’t have an international phone, and the girl refused to make any calls for me, I had to use the airport emergency phone to contact the Buffalo terminal manager, who then pointed me towards a lady standing beside the impolite girl who served me, who turned out to be the girls manager after all! The Delta Airways manager was very helpful and sorted out my returning flights, and Britt and I took off sprinting through the airport to our departing gate, much to onlookers amusement. It was just like in the movies, the mad rush and panic of would we or wouldn’t we make the plane. Unfortunately, as a result of the first girls’ discourtesy we missed our flight by one minute!

Travel Tip 2 // Get an international phone. I had been lucky on campus, where free WiFi is available to all students, but when I leave campus I have no method of contacting anyone. In situations such as the one above, a useable mobile phone would’ve made the process a lot faster, and perhaps we wouldn’t have missed our flights.

7 hours is a long wait at Buffalo Airport. We went into all 5 stores available to browse, and had a sorrow filled breakfast. We just wanted to be in the city, and it felt like a waste sitting in an airport. 1pm finally rolled around, and it was time to board our flight. Everything was finally going to plan, we arrived at JFK, located our luggage that had been on the previous flight, dialled for a car to pick us up and arrived at Raddison Martinique on Broadway.

Just when we thought everything was looking up, there was an issue with our check-in.  The hotel clerk thought we were checking in on Monday, not Thursday! I showed him my confirmation email, and we were able to sort it out easily enough. Tired and emotionally drained, we dropped our bags into our rooms and decided to go explore Times Square.

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Travel Tip 3 // Always have backup plans. In the above circumstance we were lucky, however if we were unable to get our room organised we would’ve been stuck. It’s a smart travel tip to know where the nearest hostel or affordable motel is, incase you need to spend a night somewhere else.

Times Square was exactly how I imagined it to be! Bright lights and advertisements on sky-reaching buildings that made the middle of the night feel like midday, mass crowds, noise and music, and people in costumes such as Batman or Buzz Lightyear roaming around. The stores were massive! Three times the size of any stores in Australia, one toy store had a ferris wheel inside and was four stories high!

My favourite store in Times Square would have to be the MnM store; it was also two to three stories high and my absolute favourite chocolate in Australia is Peanut MnM’s!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetIMG_7824Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

After wandering around and taking it all in, we decided to head back to our unit to rest up for our next big day of shopping in SoHo, which I’ll tell you all about (and how much money I spent) in my next post!


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