Dining in Buffalo

Monday night my friend Vasil invited myself and Britt to have dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant in downtown Buffalo. It was great to finally have a chance to eat off campus and enjoy some fine dining.

The food, featured in the below images, was mouth-wateringly delicious and our waitress was very friendly. After our meal, the controversial issue of ‘tipping’ was raised. How much is anticipated when tipping? ‘Trip Advisor’ has a great article with advice for any travelling students confused on the American tipping etiquette. Our friend Vasil suggested to ‘double the tax’ which is the norm for American tipping. In Australia, tipping is very rare and not expected like in America. Our tax amount is also included in our pricing, compared to America where the tax is added onto the final amount at the end. Basically, a lot of math is involved when shopping or dining out in the States!

The restaurant we visited was Mangia Ristorante & Caffe, and I highly recommend it to all tourists visiting Buffalo or are in the area!

IMG_7653Bread basket served with oils and herbs

IMG_7655Entree // Caesar salad

IMG_7656Main // Lobster Ravioli 

IMG_7657Main // Gnocchi with red sauce

IMG_7658Main // Porterhouse steak with garlic mashed potatoes


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