Super Bowl Sunday

Last Sunday, 2 February, was the legendary Super Bowl Sunday. When I found out I would be in America to take part in this festive tradition I was ecstatic. Some Australians do celebrate the Super Bowl, but I was sure it wouldn’t even compare to watching the game on live TV in Buffalo. The two teams playing this year were the Seahawks and Broncos, which reminded me of our Brisbane Bronco rugby league team back home, so naturally I supported them. Knowing my luck, they lost to the Seahawks 43 – 8!

Watching the Super Bowl was unlike watching any other sport from Australia. I’ve been to live AFL (Australian Football League) games, but they don’t compare to the hype and hysteria that surrounds this American event. The game is not just viewed as a sport event, but instead as a prolonged battle between two rivals. The game is thrilling and tense to watch, but that’s not all viewers are drawn to. The half time entertainment was incredible with fireworks and amazing performances by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, along with the celebrity endorsed million dollar commercials that featured throughout the game.

Aside from the blockbuster theatrics, one thing I quickly learnt about the Super Bowl; it’s all about the food! My suite mates made a traditional Buffalo Chicken Wing dip, which I had never heard of or tried before, and now cannot stop thinking about. I’ve attached a link to an amazing recipe I found on a blog called 4 Little Fergusons, which is basically the same recipe we used. I can’t wait to make this back home for our AFL grand final day, and start some new traditions.


Click here to view the delicious Buffalo Chicken Wing dip recipe! 

I’ve attached a video below of my interview with a few students, David, Anna and Dylan, leading up to the game. I wanted an inside perspective of the cultural and traditional aspects surrounding the hyped up Super Bowl Sunday. Hope you enjoy!


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